CTAS Debugger

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A Debug Tool for CTAS Student System. This tool includes support of both macOS and Windows, and it is ready to install in an offline environment.


This program is made by Dalvik Shen. All rights reserved and commercial use is prohibited.

This program is a crack of the CTAS Student System. As such, it is not subject to university regulations or local law. Use at your own risk.


  • Edit codes directly in the webpage
  • Run instantly
  • Compile/Link error outputs
  • Hide everything on Windows, neither a Taskbar icon nor a console window will be displayed
  • Save your outputs for 5 seconds after a successfully run, then everything will disappear again
  • Copy your codes automatically
  • Fix page control bar
  • Multiple file problems support
  • Unlock copying, selecting and context menu in every CTAS pages
  • Use shortcut keys to complete your homework!
  • APIs available and an iOS remote client is included. You can also custom your remote control on other platforms.



Run install.bat and follow the instructions to install.

Be aware! Offline installation is only available on Windows.


If you are a macOS user, make sure Python 3 is installed on your system, then run the command below in the terminal.

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Getting Started

This is a guide only tested on Google Chrome v70.

  • Before you logged in, turn on Developer Tools ( ⌥⌘I or Ctrl+Shift+I )

  • Follow the regular steps and load a question.
  • Run __main__.pyw
    • Windows: Double click, and a black window will flashing past
    • macOS: Run pyhton3 __main__.pyw in the terminal
  • Switch to the Console Tab
  • Change the Javascript contexts dropdown to IFrame - main (CPractice.aspx)
  • Paste everything in index.min.js then press Enter
  • Awala! You are a cheater now!



Key Function
Q Select answer A
W Select answer B
E Select answer C
R Select answer D
T Run code
A Previous question
S Subsequent question
G Navigate to bottom
g Navigate to top

Select and debug

You can just copy or select something as usual. Then run and debug with Visual Studio, LLDB or something else you like.


You can edit codes in the webpage by just click on the code section.

CTAS-Debugger will handle your modification and write it to your clipboard automatically.


Follow the injected message and you’ll see a run button when your code is ready.